Lucky Jet game

Brutal “pepper” in stylish glasses with a jetpack: Lucky Jet is a guarantee of victory

Any client of a modern online casino can earn good money in the Lucky Jet gambling game. This is confirmed by numerous player reviews. But there are those who exclusively “merge”. The fact is that they refuse to comply with the deposit management rules, do not plan sessions, and also do not apply strategies.

About Lucky Jet

The main points are presented in the table below.

Player task

She is complex. You need to make a bet, wait for the start of the game round, watch the flight of a brutal little man and have time to take the money before the moment when he leaves the playing field. We advise you not to wait for multipliers from 10-20. They appear extremely rarely. Therefore, build your strategy for smaller odds

What to Consider

human flight is equal to one round. Time is the equivalent of a factor. The maximum multiplier depends on the policy of a particular online casino. We tried Lucky Jet in different places. The maximum that we managed to fix was 211

Chat provided

This is a good opportunity to interact with other players. Strategies can be discussed. Rarely, but the administrations of individual casinos, according to a predetermined plan, publish promo codes in the game chat! We recommend you keep an eye on it.

At the top of the screen there is a history of odds

We recommend using it as an additional analytical tool. There is a chance that you will be able to identify a certain pattern

Demo mode available

If you are a beginner, try the demo first. This will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with the functions and understand the game.

You can place 2 bets on the outcome of one round

Use this opportunity carefully to earn more

Are there any patterns in Lucky Jet

There are 2 opinions about this.

  1. The random number generator embedded in Lucky Jet makes attempts to analyze statistics and look for patterns useless. This position is held by both experienced players and beginners. They operate with arguments such as the unpredictability of the generator, referring to the fact that it is best to use strategies with a low or moderate level of risk.
  2. Analysis of statistics allows you to find patterns. This is the second common point of view. Supporters of the corresponding position note that with a certain frequency the game “gives out” approximately similar multipliers.

What is the best point of view

We cannot recommend. However, we note that you yourself can determine which style of play and analytics is right for you. Therefore, we advise you to try your hand and different approaches in the demo version of Lucky Jet. Take a few hours to figure out which strategic approach is most right!

They say that Rocket Queen and Lucky Jet are the same games. Is it so?

The games are similar but not the same. Lucky Jet is already almost a classic, Rocket Queen is presented as a new game. It is qualitatively different from the first noted option. Recommended to try! An incredible beauty with outstanding forms will conquer you and make you launch Rocket Queen again and again. We guarantee!

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