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Cool, reckless, exciting: a new Rocket Queen game for fans of attractive beauties and fans of quick wins

Rocket Queen is something. The developer approached the matter responsibly and offered connoisseurs of gambling entertainment, in a sense, a unique and worthy product. The concept of gambling is standard, but the implementation… You will understand everything when you launch a rocket, on which a beautiful girl will sit.

There is an opinion that the presence in the game of a character in the form of a burning blonde, almost naked, is due to the developer’s desire to divert the attention of players from the very essence, that is, from the timely return of funds. Is it so? No one knows. But we recommend that you check to determine if you have enough attention and skill to monitor both the increase in the coefficient and the change in the mood of the hot baby.

What is the developer hinting at?

Nothing. Everyone thinks to the best of their depravity! We recommend diving into the concept, not into the visual design. We advise you to remember that a burning blonde with barely covered charms is just a distraction. Yes, it is almost impossible to look away from her forms. But it is essential to do so.

Your task is to watch the rising odds and withdraw money on time. Do not be distructed. If you want to enjoy the beauty of a gorgeous girl, postpone your bets. Otherwise, we are sure that she will definitely leave you with nothing. Curb your own passion to become a successful player and start making money with Rocket Queen!

If the game is already familiar, we advise you to try alternative options. On a separate page of the site, we have collected information about common and popular crash games that are most often opened by clients of modern online casinos. We recommend you check it out! You will probably find something to your liking. Or do you still decide to launch Rocket Queen?

Interface: a minimum of unnecessary elements, everything you need on the game screen

At the top of the screen, you can see the odds history. It seems that the corresponding field as a string is not informative, but it is not. If you feel like a born strategist, stop looking at the beauty, turn to the numbers. Odds history analysis is a great tactical tool. It is possible that through it you will be able to identify a pattern that will bring good money!

The left side of the screen displays information about the current bets, that is, those made in this round. The corresponding field is not useful for the analyst and strategist, because it does not carry an informational payload. But you can select the desired filter (My, Previous round) to see how the current own session is going or how the situation is for the players in general.

Particular attention to the lower part and directly to the playing field

Almost the most important elements are located at the bottom of the screen. These are two special fields where the player can place bets and manage functions such as automatic withdrawal. The table below describes the most important points.

Bottom screen element



In the corresponding field you need to specify the amount of the bet. Before the start of a new game round, you will need to confirm your intention to play by clicking on the appropriate button. Additional features can simplify the gameplay. Remember that within one round it is possible to make two bets at once

Automatic bid

The essence of the function is that, if activated, the need for manual work is excluded after the completion of the current round and before the start of a new one. But only partially. The fact is that in this case the system itself will bet money. But you still need to pick them up yourself. You can eliminate the need for this by using an additional function

Automatic withdrawal

Activating automatic withdrawal will simplify the game and make it fully automatic. The bottom line is that the player sets the coefficient, upon reaching which the system itself returns the amount of the bet, multiplied by the corresponding number. But only on condition that the burning and sultry blonde does not leave the playing field

Whether to automate the gameplay in Rocket Queen

The decision is yours. We recommend the following option:

– use the first field of the lower part “Bet” for the manual version of the game;

– the second is better to automate by setting comfortable values.

Such an approach will guarantee the diversification of the potential risk regarding the “drain”.

Playing field and moments of aesthetic pleasure

Why exactly? Because the sultry blonde will not leave indifferent any player who decides to try his hand at Rocket Queen. But, as we have already written, you should not look only at her. Allow yourself aesthetic pleasure, but only during breaks between game rounds. Otherwise, all attention will be focused on the beauty sitting on the rocket.

The playing field itself, if we omit the main and incredibly attractive character, is simply designed. It takes up most of the screen in Rocket Queen. Pay special attention to the number on the left, which constantly shows an increase as the rocket flies.

Where to find strategies and tactics for Rocket Queen

You can find interesting strategies and tactics on our website. Follow the link below. On a separate page, we have collected information about approaches to the game and models of game behavior that will help you to be at least a little positive. If you complement the proposed strategies and tactics for Rocket Queen with your own experience or personal developments, you can count on regular winnings!

How to get bonuses and use them in Rocket Queen

To receive bonuses, you will need to register at an online casino, familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the program operating in it. Usually, the relevant information is presented in a separate section on the official website of a particular online gambling establishment.

How to win at Rocket Queen for sure

No one can give guarantees. However, we recommend that you take a look at the special page on our website dedicated to Rocket Queen, which contains information about the signals. We note right away that it is not worth considering them as an independent tool for securing winnings. But at least the signals deserve attention as a means of complementing your own strategy. Especially if there are doubts about the expected result.

Is there a Rocket Queen demo mode

Yes. You can find a demo version of this gambling and very attractive game in any modern online casino. The pros of demo are as follows:

– opportunity to try different strategies and tactics;

– search for patterns and analysis of statistics;

– aesthetic enjoyment.

We recommend the demo version to every beginner who is not fully familiar with the world of gambling entertainment. This will allow you to understand how the game Rocket Queen works from the inside. Try all the functions, watch the coefficients, evaluate the behavior of the rocket and its “pilot”. This will guarantee a successful game in the future.

Ready to harness a rocket launcher and own a stunning beauty? Then fire up Rocket Queen

We have prepared a pleasant surprise for every visitor of our site dedicated to the game Rocket Queen. Which? You will be able to find out when you follow the link below and register at a reliable online casino. If the game we are considering has interested you, do not delay the moment of registration and the first gaming session. With our gift, it can become incredibly profitable!

What are the rules in the game Rocket Queen

There are no special rules. You just need to watch the flight of the rocket and place bets. Remember that you need to take the money on time. If the beauty has time to leave the playing field before this, you will have to say goodbye to the funds set. Don’t let her take hers. Subdue the stubborn blonde and fast rocket.

Is it possible to win at Rocket Queen without using strategies and tactics

You can try, but hoping only for luck is an undesirable scenario. And although there are many examples of how fortune made even inexperienced people rich, you should not be inspired by them. Especially given that Rocket Queen is seen as a way to make a stable income. In order to at least not go into the red, it is advisable to competently approach entertainment. Here are 4 basic principles:

  1. Don’t get emotional.
  2. Don’t spend more than you can afford.
  3. Play with a cool head and show forecasting and analysis skills.
  4. Be more restrained, do not be distracted by beauty.

I made a decision. I want to play Rocket Queen and earn money

Then we invite you to register in a modern and reliable online casino. If you have any in mind, feel free to start playing. If not, please click on the link below. And don’t forget to sign up and top up your account to get a nice welcome bonus. It will make the first gaming sessions in Rocket Queen more confident and profitable!

Questions, answers

1. Is it true that Rocket Queen is another scam?

We don’t think so. A source from the developer assured us that the game Rocket Queen implemented the standard mechanics for entertainment of this kind, based on a random number generator. Neither the casino administration, nor the software provider, nor any player – no one can know how a particular game round will end. The “wired” generator makes any hacking attempt impossible. Therefore, you should not worry.

2. Is it okay to double down if you lose?

We would not recommend such tactics in any gambling game. Checked. Before publishing reviews and descriptions, we ourselves try to play. And we have repeatedly seen that such strategies rarely work. Yes, you can get lucky, but it is not reasonable to expect that doubling up will regularly bring good money and cover losing bets.

3. In which casinos can you find Rocket Queen?

Almost all modern online casinos offer Rocket Queen gambling to their customers. This is due to its rapidly growing popularity. The game was released relatively recently, but the number of launches in different casinos daily reaches tens of thousands of times! Try the game at 1Win, Pin Up, Parimatch and other well-known online gambling establishments.

4. How do I register for Rocket Queen?

It would be more correct to talk about registering at a casino. The fact is that the game is represented mainly by the online version. It is offered to customers by modern online gambling establishments. Registration in any one you like will open access to Rocket Queen.

5. What is the Predictor for Rocket Queen?

Simply put, this is a special program that analyzes statistics and offers the player the option of the most likely odds. It should be remembered that the “Predictor” is of a probabilistic nature, that is, it does not give guaranteed winning values. For this reason, it is advisable to supplement your own strategic or tactical tools with the program.

6. Do signals work in Rocket Queen?

Yes, but in a limited number of cases. Usually they are the result of the work of the so-called “Forecaster”. You can also find closed communities on social networks or Telegram channels where experienced players share their thoughts on the outcome of a particular game round in Rocket Queen for free or for a fee.

7. Are there games similar to Rocket Queen?

Yes, there are plenty of similar games of chance in modern online casinos. These are JetX, Cash or Crash, Aviator and more. The concepts of each are almost the same. The main difference is the visual component. There is also a difference in the criterion of “character”. In Rocket Queen, for example, it’s an attractive blonde, in Cash or Crash it’s little people “loading” into a space rocket and setting off on a journey into the unknown.

8. Why is it written on the Internet that Rocket Queen is a scam?

We analyzed the reviews on popular sites and came to the conclusion that most often negative comments are written either by inexperienced players who “leaked” everything because of hope for good luck, or by the developer’s competitors. In the latter situation, the purpose of a negative review in each specific case is to discredit the software supplier, to put its product in the worst possible light.

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