Strategies and tactics for the game Rocket Queen

First the theory: why strategy is not tactics

To be guaranteed to win at Rocket Queen, you need to understand that the terms “strategy” and “tactics” are different. Here is a brief summary of this:

Strategy is like a game plan. It may include separate models, for example, characterizing human gaming behavior and session features. At the same time, the strategic aspect affects the tactical implementation of the plan;

Tactics is something like a means of implementing a strategy.

From this it is clear that tactics are an integral component of a strategic plan.

What are the strategies for playing Rocket Queen

Low risk strategy

It comes down to planning a session of a large number of bets with minimal amounts. At the same time, the coefficient, upon reaching which the player takes the money, should also be small.

An example is presented below.

You have $100 on your balance. Strategy or plan – 100 bets for one dollar. The spread of priority coefficients by values is 1.5-2. In the long run, for every 30 unsuccessful bets, there will be 70 successful ones. If the average coefficient is 1.75, you can get almost $123 per session. 23% profit – excellent result

Medium risk strategy

The bottom line is to slightly change the first presented option. An example is shown below.

We have $200 on our balance sheet. We are planning a session of 100 bets of $2 each. We take money with a coefficient up to 2. If we assume that the percentage of positive outcomes is the same as in the first case, and the average multiplier is 1.5, then the potential profit per session will be $10. Small, but still good

High risk strategy

Immediately for example. We have 500 dollars. We are planning a session of 100 bets of 5 bucks. We take money with a multiplier of up to 1.5. Other conditions change: 75% of successful bets, 25% of unsuccessful ones. The average coefficient is 1.3. 75 by 5 – 375, another 1.2 – 487.5. The result is unsatisfactory

So, it is clear that the strategy should be the least risky. In a different situation, losses cannot be avoided. Next, we will deal with tactical tools.

What should be the tactics to implement the strategy in Rocket Queen

It must be clear, concise and precise. Here are the tools to use to make Rocket Queen profitable:

– two bets at once. One must be fully automated. We are talking about the functions of automatic betting and withdrawal. It is necessary to build on the strategic plan when setting the coefficient and amount. The second bet can be used as an attempt to hit the jackpot. Suppose that in a situation with minimal risk and $1, you decide to wait for a multiplier of 3-4. This is an example, but this strategic tool deserves attention;

– Analysis of the history of multipliers. This tool should be considered as an indicator indicating the appropriateness of the session at the current time. If the story is filled with numbers up to 2-3, it is better to postpone the game. If there are coefficients from 5-10 and higher, you can apply your own strategy;

– diversification. Partially this point concerns the first. This is the example below.

We automate a large bet and set the minimum odds. Let it be $10 and the multiplier is 1.1. Almost guaranteed win – 1 bucks. If the strategy assumes the possibility of increasing the degree of risk, in the second field a bet of the same size can be “held” in anticipation of 5-10. If you are lucky, you will be able to get a good increase to the figure on your balance sheet!

Complete your strategic tactical toolkit with “Fortune Teller”

This is a remarkable program that performs the function of analyzing statistics. If you do not want to spend time on this, use the “Predictor”. It will help confirm or refute your expectations about a particular multiplier in the current game round in Rocket Queen.

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